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When a half-kilogram can mean the difference between matching or beating a personal record, you need a change plate that loads fast and won’t budge on the bar. Hatlex’s Friction Grip KG Change Plates meet the challenge. These durable competition discs feature a rubberized “Friction Grip” interior coating, designed for quick, stable loading on the outside of a collar. Before the advent of the International Weightlifting Federation's "1 KG Rule" in 2005, competitions required that a bar be advanced by 2.5 KG increments. This led to long delays as loaders had to remove collars in order to add weight. With FG change plates like these, competitive lifters can add 1 KG without adjusting the collar position greatly reducing downtime at events and keeping the focus on the athletes themselves. Hatlex Friction Grip KG Change Plates are available in full 10kg sets. Each plate features a matte finish and Hatlex branding. Plate Sizes: 0.5KG FG (White): 135mm diameter; 12.5mm thickness 1KG FG (Green): 160mm; 15mm 1.5KG FG (Yellow): 175mm; 18mm 2KG FG (Blue): 190mm; 19mm Additional Specifications: Friction Grip collar Maintains stable hold on bar when loaded outside of the collar Fits standard 50mm Olympic Barbell Sleeves Hatlex branding (white text on color plates, black text on white plate) Tolerance: +/- 10g This plate has a rubber coated metal center. Minimal wear of the rubber, which does not affect performance, may occur with repeated use

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